1. Add 2 (Two) tablespoons of Delight

Cane powdered Panela in a glass of

cold or hot water.

2. Mix and serve. Enjoy  well the best

100% natural drink and anytime.

Find also flavored DOYPACK 500 g with: Orange, Lemon, Passion fruit and Lulo, and Display Box of 26 sachets with assorted flavors.

Who We Are?

Delight Cane S.A.S. is a company that believes in the quality of Colombian Panela (powdered sugar cane juice) as a food of great export potential and a healthy alternative that has all the natural source of protein and vitamins to replace empty properties of traditional refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and become in the natural sweetener preferred for families to cold, hot beverages, instant and any other food.


We look to position a different concept to Panela consumption  at international markets, as well as to add value to our product by submitting Panela flavored with natural extracts to preserve their nutrients.


Our farming families, 40 at present, are located in the department of Cundinamarca, which concentrates about 15% of the total production of the country and have high quality standards in all its production processes.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Panela production in Colombia is the most important after coffee farming, which work within the framework of the principles of sustainable development and as a fundamental part of our business strategy, Delight Cane S.A.S. It’s committed to the economic development of farming families through fair prices ensuring optimal distribution channels and international promotion. We are also committed to preserving the environment through the use of packaging made from waste sugar cane.


Production of Panela in Colombia constitute a source of income to 300.000 families and generates 45 millions of salaries per year, being the agricultural activity which generates the highest amount of jobs in the Colombian rural sectors.


For that reason Panela is mainly a product of social high impact in our country.


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Delight Cane

Powdered Sugar Cane Juice

Delight Cane S.A.S.


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Bogotá D.C.- Colombia


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Delight Cane powdered Panela is a open evaporation product of the best Colombian Panela cane, grown and processed by hand and freely chemical additives.

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